Caerleon Security Products for Brokers

Caerleon Security Products for Brokers

The Opportunity

Several brokers currently sell cyber insurance policies in the healthcare world. However, at present, if a hospital says no to cyber insurance, the broker has no other angle in regards to cyber.

  • Caerleon Security, a specialist in breach response services, can make an agreement with a broker that sells cyber insurance – allowing the broker to also sell our Caerleon Breach Response (CBR) services and earn a percentage of the profits.
  • The broker can choose to offer Caerleon’s CBR services if a hospital says no to cyber insurance. Instead of letting the client walk, the broker now has the ability to provide a solution and direction for their client to take. They are now the go-to source for cyber, and can use this as a relationship building tool for establish other insurance sales outside of cyber risk.


Having the ability to sell Caerleon Services, a broker gains another iron in the fire in the area of cyber.

  • Commission: Empowers the broker with another source of revenue if a hospital turns down cyber insurance.
  • Client Relationship: Continues the conversation between the broker and the hospital.
  • Potential Sale of Cyber Insurance: Educates the buyers of CBR services on their vulnerabilities, which could lead the hospital to the decision to buy EGB cyber insurance (which is priced to the unique risk of the client), a double-win for the broker.

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