EGB provides holistic information privacy and security risk management service designed to defend against all aspects of cyber risk encountered by your hospital client and healthcare facilities. Our underwriting is powered by predictive analytics, which means our premiums will likely be the lowest you will encounter for low – medium risk hospitals and healthcare facilities. We provide you with all the resources and tools you need to ensure your relationship with your client is as strong as it can be.

Competitive Terms
We are focused on the health provider space only. Because our approach is to price each hospital / healthcare facility based on their actual risk, we will be the lowest bidder on 75% of the quotes we make..
Relationship Quality
Brokers are at the heart of everything we do. We value our relationship with brokers and endeavor to support them in every way possible.

Sales Support
We are here to provide whatever tools you need to market our product and inform your clients of its benefits. We want you to use our product to expand your business.

EGB enables you to provide unique value to your customers by sharing risk assessment information with you and your hospital / healthcare facility customer, by helping to prepare your customer to handle information privacy and security incidents, by working with your customers when incidents are suspected, threatened or discovered, and by working with you and your customer through incidents until they are finally resolved.

Know Your Risk
EGB uses AI to quantify a hospital’s inherent risk, their risk according to their attributes.

Manage Your Risk
EGB uses another AI application to establish the quality of the hospital’s cyber risk controls.

Breach Response
EGB embeds the investigation and response team in the insurance it offers.

Align Risk Appetite

Based on its residual risk (inherent risk modified by its control quality), the hospital can see how much risk they have.

Reduce Your Risk

To be able to make informed choices given limited resources, a hospital can then adjust either their risk or their risk appetite accordingly, also using limit and retention choices as part of this process.

Keep Risk and Insurance In Sync

The same process that calculates residual risk can also calculate in real time the incremental change resulting from a change in the risk environment, maintaining the ability to make informed choices.

Several brokers currently sell cyber insurance policies in the healthcare world. However, at present, if a hospital or healthcare facility says no to cyber insurance, the broker has no other angle in regards to cyber. EGB now offers a way for brokers to retain the client relationship and monetize a typical dead-end.


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To support the development of the kinds of relationships we would like with our brokers, we want to provide you with all of the information and assistance you need to talk in as well-informed a way as possible with your customers.